Miliplex The Military Complex Game. [ 2025 ]
Create the strongest military complex in the world.

Game Instructions
Instruction Manual & Game Details.

The Worldwide Military Complex Game

In early 2022, the leaders of the Ten Superpower Governments learned the truth of the Five Elite Families. On Friday September 2nd 2022, in an international conference the Ten Superleaders exposed to the public information about and declared war on the most Elite Families in the world. The Elite Five were classified as the Global Power Organization. The following day, the remaining members of the United Nations declared allegiance to the Ten Superleaders. The International Balance of Power Coalition was formed on Monday September 12th 2022. Then a global campaign was launched, Operation Lorem Familiae.
In just a short fourteen and a half months, on Monday November 27th 2023 the Ten Superleaders announced that the IBPC successfully eliminated the GPO, but only located and seized about thirty seven percent of the GPO assets.
A little over a year after Operation Lorem Familiae, one of the last heirs of the Elite Families has given you the opportunity of a lifetime. Given a few resources, you are to build your Military Complex and to prove yourself worthy of an Elite Lifestyle.

The object of Miliplex is to build the largest Military Complex and strongest Standing Army in the World, by hiring Military Units and building Installations throughout the recognized countries. You begin the game with $1,000,000 and 5,000 Rations. You are also given an Income that will be delivered at Midnight EST every twenty four hours.

User Information
The User Icon allows you to view your registered information.
The User panel displays your overall Military Complex statistic totals.
Health total.
Power total.
Defense total.
Rations Consumed | Rations Available

Unit Income
Your Income is based on the number of Military Units you have, at % of the unit cost, per unit.
You must have at least one hired Military Unit to receive an Income.
Soldiers $
Operatives $
Hounds $
Squids $
Birds $
w.o.m.d. $
Atech $ filler

There are various timed Contract jobs for small pay.
Each Contract has an alloted Time for completion.
Each Contract has a listed Payout.
Be sure to claim your Payout.

Military Units
The Unit Application Icon allows you to view statistics for and hire the various Military Units.
There are different types of Military Units. Each unit provides a specific amount of Health, Power and Defense, and consumes a specific amount of Rations. You can also Release Military Units to reduce your Rations consumption and/or to make room for hiring a different Military Unit type.
The Units Gauge displays the unit amounts Hired | Available | Limit.
Use the Rations Icon to increase your Rations Limit at $9.99 per Ration.
Use the Release Units Icon after selecting the unit type and amount you'd like to Release.
Health total for unit type.
Power total for unit type.
Defense total for unit type.
Ration consumption total for unit type.
Unit Amount total for unit type.

Global Installations
Use the Installations Icon to view all of the recognized countries, and to bulid your Installations.
There are recognized Countries in which to build your Installations.
Each Installation gives a boost to each statistic and is increased with each Installation Level.
The Installation Upgrade Cost is increased by % each Level.
Use the Level Icon to upgrade your Installation. ( Maximum Level: )
Health bonus.
Power bonus.
Defense bonus.
Ration bonus. ( subtracted from the total amount of rations consumed )
Unit Limit bonus.

There are many secrets to give you a starting advantage, and perminent boost.

Hints, Secrets & Tips
A reward for those that notice details.

The Worldwide Military Complex Game

There are 10 superpower countries. Each of the 10 gives a boost to Installation statistics. United States of America +0.46% Russia +0.43% China +0.39% Germany +0.37% United Kingdom +0.33% France +0.30% Japan +0.27% Israel +0.25% South Korea +0.22% Saudi Arabia +0.20%

Leaderboard & Rankings
View and sort rankings by statistic.

001 Rockefeller 70.125 b 1.392 m $309.178 t
68.611 m -68.611 m 1.38 194.083 m 91.960 m 70.348 m
002 FatPurple 36.211 m 2.160 k $520.187 b
26.516 k -25.106 k 1.410 k 110.417 k 37.368 k 34.802 k
003 Admin 18.480 m 1.165 k $89.616 m
12.501 k -11.516 k 985.44 56.823 k 18.605 k 17.693 k
004 RoyalPunishment 39.978 k 109.00 $1.161 m
5.010 k -582.71 4.427 k 5.057 k 1.180 k 1.649 k
005 Big Daddy 14.768 k 50.00 $262.997 k
5.000 k -247.82 4.752 k 2.348 k 518.61 775.61
006 Scuba Steve 7.391 k 50.00 $14.224 k
5.010 k -247.32 4.763 k 2.350 k 518.98 775.98
007 Ironman 3.037 k 20.00 $128.474 k
5.010 k -92.58 4.917 k 971.26 212.29 315.09
008 🌍 Hello World! https:/ 0.00 0.00 $1.000 m
5.000 k -0.00 5.000 k 0.00 0.00 0.00
009 🍒 Cheryl is interested 0.00 0.00 $1.000 m
5.000 k -0.00 5.000 k 0.00 0.00 0.00
010 😍 Подарок,на 0.00 0.00 $1.000 m
5.000 k -0.00 5.000 k 0.00 0.00 0.00