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Freedom Space Policy
This is the official Freedom Space Policy. Included is a lot of shit I think you should know. By using Freedom Space, you state that you have read this Policy and agree to it. So be sure to read this shit throughly.
Freedom Space Defined

The purpose of any social platform is to give people a place to express themselves. Many social platforms have turned to censoring people's freedom of expression in exchange for spared feelings. Freedom Space obviously values freedom, it's in the name. Freedom Space is not concerned with feelings. We all have them and we all deal with them. Freedom Space was created to give people an avenue of true expression, a chance to be who you really are. Censorship doesn't allow for true expression, because what you express has to fit within a limited standard. There's really only one standard for Freedom Space and it can be found in this policy. It is pretty simple though, basic fucking respect for others. Most everything else is fair game.

The core of true freedom can be found within the United States Constitution. The United States Constitution provides us with the "Bill of Rights", which outline the unalienable rights that every single human on this planet deserves, and can be summed up in the phrase "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness". Freedom Space recognizes the United States Constitution as the supreme authority, also recognizing, through it, the limited authority given to it's officials.

It is the primary desire of Freedom Space that everyone know, understand, and live by these rights. Freedom Space has provided a PDF copy of the United States Declaration of Independence with the Constitution and Bill of Rights. You are extremely urged to study this document, adopt it as your religion, live by it, and protect it with your life. The importance of the Declaration of Independence is that it shows us what we all need independence from; censorship, dictatorship, oppression, over taxation, tyranny.

You can view and download this PDF
This document was provided by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

A quick point that you should understand. Your rights are only limited to the violation of another's rights. As long as you do not violate another person's rights, you are constitutionally free to do as you wish. Clearly, there's an ethical code here. Some get this code from the 10 Commandments, some from the Golden Rule, but no matter what, it comes down to leaving other people the fuck alone. Get it?

The United States Oath of Enlistment is the Sworn Oath to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic;".

All Freedom Space Administration must make this Sworn Oath.

Did you know:
Anyone can become an enemy to the constitution; your neighbor, your parent, law enforcement, even members of congress; and yes, even the president.

Age Restriction

Freedom Space is intended for adults 18 years of age and older. Freedom Space believes in integrity and if you do not meet this requirement, please go elsewhere because Freedom Space is not for you. Freedom Space is also a firm believer in personal rights but age restriction is one of the very few laws we strictly abide by. Some shit just ain't for kids my dude.


Freedom Space is a firm believer in privacy and is 100% dedicated to keeping ALL of your information private. You are required to fill out certain information at sign-up, and you are given control on what others can and can not see. Freedom Space will NEVER sell your information, or use it without your consent. Your privacy is protected by the 4th Amendment of the United States Constitution and Freedom Space will refuse any attempt to obtain information without probable cause and an offical search warrent particularly describing the persons and information to be seized, and reasons for such warrent.

Always remember, Freedom Space will never ask you for you login information or for any personal information. If you receive any attempt to obtain your login information or any personal information, DO NOT respond and contact Freedom Space Administration via the button and include as much detail as possible.

Reminder: Every piece of data has it's own privacy setting.


As stated, every human has the right to be and feel safe and secure. Freedom Space is 100% dedicated to helping you remain safe, online and IRL (in real life). Take extreme caution when giving personal details to anyone online. Also, privacy is key to helping ensure your safety. Be sure to utilize your privacy settings.

Reminder: Every piece of data has it's own privacy setting.

If you feel that an interaction or that your experience on Freedom Space has become unsafe, you can delete your account or contact Freedom Space Administration via the button.

If you are experiencing an unsafe situation IRL (in real life) and feel that you can not call your local authorities, contact Freedom Space Administration via the button, explaining your situation with as much detail as possible, including pictures if possible. This information will be forwarded to the proper authorties.

Laws & Enforcement

Freedom Space understands the need for laws, because fuck chaos. Laws are created to help maintain order in society. However, it's also understood that it is easy for laws to be created that oppress, restrict and violate individuals and their rights. There's quite the fine line actually. Freedom Space supports the constitutional laws that protect individuals and their rights and strictly prohibits any actions or behaviors that violate these laws and/or the rights of another. If a user is proven to have broken a constitutional law and/or violated the rights of another, Freedom Space will seek proper legal action to protect all individuals and their rights.

Freedom Space will not comply with any unconstitutional law. If you feel that we are not upholding to a law you deem constitutional, please contact Freedom Space Administration via the button and present your case on how that particular law is constitutional. If your case is solid, we will gladly change our policy. Afterall, the willingness to make appropriate changes is what true growth is all about.

The 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution protects the right to freedom of speech. Freedom Space also protects this right by not censoring your content. However, any content that threatens, and/or entices, and/or exposes harm, and/or violence, and/or damage is a violation of the right to be safe and secure and will not be tolerated. This applies to all content, reguardless of privacy settings. If content that you have posted is found and deemed by Freedom Space Administration to be unconstitutional and/or a violation of the rights of another, Freedom Space will seek proper legal action to protect all individuals and their rights.


Freedom Space is intended to be an unregulated social platform. By using Freedom Space you agree that Freedom Space does not give a shit about what you do, does not monitor anything, and is not liable in any way. You understand that this site was created by one single person and that I don't have the time, care, nor resources to babysit your ass.

Freedom Space is designed to be community driven, and stresses the phrase "if you see something, say something". If you see content that is a clear violation of Freedom Space Policy and/or a violation of the rights of another, please contact Freedom Space Administration via the button and provide as much detail as possible.


By using Freedom Space you agree that you take sole resposiblity for anything you CHOOSE to be involved with. Owning the consequences in life, weither good or bad, is your reponsibilty. No one is responsible for what you choose to engage in. Simply put, if you do dumb shit, it's not our fault.

Data Control

Freedom Space believes in having complete control of your own data, all of it. That is one of the Pillars of Reason for creating Freedom Space.

Material Legalities

The 4th Amendment of the United States Constitution protects the right "to be secure in thier persons, houses, papers, and effects". All of these are tangable things. This does not support a case for "intellectual property" or the use of copyright and patent. These only stiffle creativity. Freedom Space allows users to use any Public information, reguardless of any supposed copyright or patent. A major benefit of this is it allows for creativity to bloom, or for any type of journalism, fake or real. No, there is no "fact check" on Freedom Space. It is your responsibility to think for yourself and determine if what you are reading is true or false. Do some research!

As stated in the Data Control section, you are given control on what others can and can not see. By using Freedom Space you understand that this is an open platform and anything you post Publicly belongs to everyone. If you do not want the internet to have and use your material, then be sure to check that the privacy setting for your post is limited to private or friends only before sharing, or do NOT post it here. You can also apply your own "watermark" to images in your own image program.


Freedom Space understands that for any living organism to function outside of its' basic core instincts, the organism must be taught. Humans are living organisms. Freedom Space does its best to help teach privacy and safety but it is your responsibility. Freedom Space encourages you to be vigilant in maintianing your own privacy and safety by limiting what others can see, being careful with what you post, and doing research about staying safe online. Also, look for little safety tips throughout Freedom Space.

Uploading Images

When uploading images, you are given the choice to select a privacy setting.

  • Profile
  • Public
  • Friends
  • Private
The default privacy setting is Public.
All profile pictures are Public.

Before uploading images:
  • Be sure to crop the image squared with your own image program.
    (ex: Microsoft Paint).
  • For best quality, keep images squared and at 1000px by 1000px or less.
  • Image file size is limited to:
    8 MB (8000 KB).
  • Image types allowed:
    [ 'jpg' 'jpeg' 'png' ]

As stated already, Freedom Space was created by just one person. Honestly, I don't know how to code an image manipulation function. So, follow these guidelines or your shit might look stupid.

As a safety measure, Freedom Space encourages you to not Publicly share pictures and/or information with extremely personal content.

Welcome to Freedom Space!
Where freedom of speech is still a thing.
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